18 Delightful Attic Kitchen Designs That Surely Will Amaze You

Individuality- this is the first association that comes to our mind, when we mention the attic. After decades of saturation of super practical, but standardized and completely monotonous residential areas, the thought of living in the attic excites the possibilities, inherent in these high regions and unusual surfaces. When it came to the kitchen, the thought of well decorated space, usually is not present. With several ideas we will show you how, with the space provided for the kitchen in the attic, to be functional and properly decorated. You will have enough room for everything you imagined to put it in the kitchen.

The most important thing is to position the elements of the kitchen, so that, so you can have enough room to be agile and to freely doing your tasks in the kitchen. Another good tip is that if you think it is not good lighted, to paint the attic or the part where the kitchen is located, in white. It is a very good choice for the less illuminated attic. Kitchen cabinets that follow the angle, look very elegant and provide enough space for storing many things. If you think kitchen in the attic can not be well decorated, take a look in our collection and we will prove you that you are wrong!


Image via Donna Dotan Photography Inc.


Image via Paul Dyer


Image via Simon Plant


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