18 Cute And Colorful DIY Easter Mason Jar Crafts You’ll Want To Make

Are you as excited for Easter as we are? It is certainly one of the most joyful holidays, especially because it also coincides with the beginning of spring which is probably every crafter’s favorite season. Spring brings vivid colors everywhere around us and it does a great job of inspiring us to create even more awesome crafts that can brings its joy in our home decor.
This time around, we’ve got some DIY Easter mason jar crafts that you really should take a look at because they are not only easy to craft, they really do look way too cool not to have in your home.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we’ve gathered 18 Cute And Colorful DIY Easter Mason Jar Crafts You’ll Want To Make. Check them out below where you will also get free access to the tutorials that are going to guide you along the way. Use this opportunity to inspire yourselves with awesome ideas that you can craft in almost no time at all. See how to bring the beautiful colors of spring into your home with the joyful themes of Easter, which is just around the corner in case you’ve missed out on the calendar. Enjoy!

1. Easter Jar Centerpiece from Recycled Pickle Jars

2. Mason Jar Easter Basket

3. Mason Chick Jar

4. Easter Bunny Jars

5. Painted Pastel Mason Jar

6. Simple Easter Centerpiece

7. DIY Bunny Jars

8. Polka Dot Mason Jar

9. DIY Easter Mantel Decoration


11. Carrot Inspired Mason Jar

12. Spring Mason Jars

13. Speckled Egg Painted Mason Jars

14. DIY Easter Mason Jar Centerpiece

15. Bunny Bait Jars

16. Painted Bunny Jars

17. Easter Bunny Mason Jars

18. Easter Mason Jars with Washi Tape


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