18 Creative Wine Shelf Designs To Adorn Your Kitchen

Do you like wine and you’re a fan of the same? Perhaps you have always imagined that you have your own collection of beautifully decorated bottles in shelves in the kitchen. Or maybe you already have your own collection but still are not sure how and where to store the same. We chose a few beautiful shelves for kitchens that have emerged as the most elegant and most charming.

These wine racks will fit in a variety of styles, it is not necessary that you have a kitchen in retro style to choose some of the shelves below. They can be adapted to different styles of cuisine. These shelves do not have to strictly adhere to the kitchen, they can be set up and in the hallway, the living room and there are those that are easily portable, so you can continuously move and rearrange. Although it is not recommended to shift them frequently. Wine is best to be stored in a horizontal position, it is of great importance when choosing a shelf. Wine is good to be kept laid horizontally to the cap would not be dried up and started to leak air. Only champagne and wine with synthetic-chamber should be stored upright. Your kitchen will become a source of elegance and good style. Your collection will come to light and your guests will admire you, because it is a reflection of good taste. Do not give up on your idea because, you can not afford a wine cellar and showcases for wines with controlled humidity and temperature, and because of that, this can be part of the fulfillment of your dreams.


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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