18 Cool Contemporary Shelves Designs That You Shouldn’t Miss

The market offers shelves of various shapes, colors and textures. If you are not sure what to choose, look at some of our inspirational ideas for contemporary shelves in the living room. Unmistakably solution for the living room are earth tones from cream to brown and neutral white and black.Β With combining glossy hues of colored MDF or chipboard with veneer, you will get fascinating solution. For one part of the composition of the shelf, select wooden textures, while for the rest you need to choose cream or brown glossy tone.

For dynamic and interesting final appearance, you can play with a combination of open and closed shelves. On open shelves set up representative vases, clocks and books. The organization in the interior is very important. Use each inch of space with unique and creative ideas for shelves. Contemporary shelves will make your walls more interesting and you provide additional space for books, CDs, towels, cosmetics, toys. If you don’t know for which design to opt, see our proposals, and you might get an idea! Take a look below, and enjoy!


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