18 Breathtaking Mid-Century Modern Swimming Pool Designs

The mid-century modern style is a style with some history but that does not stop it from still being a very popular choice among new and old homeowners. It is not that much different from the other modern styles anyway. It is their predecessor after all. So what makes it so attractive? Is it the feeling of nostalgia for the 50’s or is it its modern yet warm and cozy look? It’s probably a combination of the two but the best way to feel that is by chilling in your very own mid-century modern swimming pool in the backyard.

Welcome to a new collection of outdoor designs in which we’ve featured 18 Breathtaking Mid-Century Modern Swimming Pool Designs. Take a few moments to go through the designs that we’ve compiled in this list. You’ll love them all. This is what true luxury looks like and if you have the chance, you should definitely build one. For more inspiration, you can also explore our recent collections of the mid-century modern showcase in which we’ve covered other outdoor areas such as the Β porch,Β deck,Β patio, landscape and balcony. Enjoy!

1. Rancho Mirage Mid-Century Modern

2. Quimby

3. Mid-Century Modern Swimming Pool

4. Sennett Residence

5. Acacia Road Palm Springs

6. Bartram – New Home

7. Woods Cove

8. Roscommon House

9. Palm Springs 18

10. Beech Knoll

11. Wakecrest Residence

12. Prestonwood Modern Angular Pool

13. Beverly Hills Mid-century Modern

14. Hidden Hills

15. Leucadia Mid Century

16. X-100 Eichler Restoration

17. Mid-Century Remodel

18. The Scheimer house


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