18 Black Kitchen Designs For Everyone Who Thinks Outside The Box

Most likely many of you will initially react with hostility to the idea of a kitchen in black color, imagining dark place devoid of style and amenities, although the kitchen should have is these two qualities. Black is perceived differently depending on the size of the room, the other colors, the materials which are used and much more.Β In the small kitchen, for example, use black for furniture facades, chairs or dining table. All other surfaces would be better to predict in light, warm shades such as milk, cream, light beige, pale yellow and the like. This will help keep the visual volume of the room which is of modest size.

In the kitchen with larger sizes, you can act more boldly, not limit yourself to only black facades of the furniture elements, and turn into interior dark countertops and flooring, for example. Nevertheless, the walls and ceiling are recommended to remain in the lighter shades in order to maintain a balance.

Today matt and glossy surfaces are equally popular and it is quite logical to ask which type would be more suitable for black elements in your kitchen. Recent studies have shown that glossy surfaces are chosen more often from people aged between 30 and 40 years and matt from the people which are younger. It is also appropriate to recall that fingerprints and other contaminants are especially noticeable on shiny facades, especially those with dark colors. It is up to you which one you will choose. See our collection and you might find many interesting examples!


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