18 Beautifully Decorated Dining Rooms To Serve You As Inspiration

The dining room is a place in the apartment or house, where we spend time when we eat. Although this is the room where you usually do not stay long, when arranging it, certainly want to make it to be modern and in line with the kitchen or living room. It is the best if the color of the walls, floors, furniture and decorative content, coordinate with the kitchen. These two rooms are connected with the food, and is also important to be visually connected.

The right choice of furniture, table and chairs, shelves and the like, it is very important for peace and social atmosphere of the dining room. If you want a modern dining room, furniture, ie tables and chairs, make them in lighter tones. White lacquered color table, beige or gray chairs with metal legs will fit perfectly in every room, and besides, this minimalist decorating style is currently very popular.

To complete the overall impression, above the table, if it is possible, to accurately set in the middle a large hanging chandelier and on the walls set decorative stickers in different motives or shelves where will set your expensive decorations. Warmth and extra comfort in the dining room will bring the carpet that will fit the rest of the interior, and it is important to be slightly longer and wider than the table, to obtain the impression of more space.


Image via Drew Hadley


Image via True Homes Photography


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Image via Jim Felder


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