18 Beautiful Nursery Designs In Neutral Shades

Designing and equipping a room for another family member, is often not an easy task. We face different problems, obstacles, wishes, possibilities, huge selection of furniture and equipment market. First that you need to do while are equipping your baby’s room, is to choose a color for the walls. If you know the sex of your baby, it can help when it comes to the color.

Are you tired of pink for girls and blue for boys? Are you tired of stereotypes? Why the room for the child could not be in another, neutral color? The girl is no less girl, in orange and even boys like this color also. In addition, if you want to decorate the room for a baby and you do not want to know the sex of the baby before the birth, it is the best to choose the so-called- neutral color. However, if you want to avoid the classic colors – pink or blue, neutral colors, such as color apricot, yellow or light green, are the ideal solution. We made one collection of some beautifully neutral nursery design ideas that surely will help you in your choice, when choosing color for the nursery. Take a look below, and find inspiration!


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