18 Beautiful Mirror Designs To Enter Diversity In The Bathroom

The most interesting effects in the bathroom,Β can be achieved with lighting fixtures and glare mirrors. Think about the many different forms of lighting, decorative frames executed in tiles or different thicknesses mirrors. None bathroom can not be imagined without mirrors. Whether it is a mirror over the sink, on the wall or door, the mirror is an integral part of every bathroom. The most common place for the bathroom mirror is certainly above the sink.

The selection of mirrors depends upon the size of bathrooms, the width and position of the sink. The mirror is generally placed in the width of the sink to the height needed for mirroring. There are various types of bathroom mirrors: circular, rectangular, asymmetric, etc… Also mirrors can be set up with or without a frame. Frameless mirrors can have grinded edges or not. The mirror may in some areas be etched or engraved. Frame of the mirror can be with a neutral look of chrome or aluminum, or of a material that is identical to the design of your bathroom. If you want to make simple and quick changes in your bathroom, frame the mirror in a picture frame and place it over the sink. Now see some inspirational ideas, and maybe you will find inspiration for your bathroom mirror!


Image via Tim Turner Photography.


Image via Jim Bartsch Photography


Image via Paul Crosby Photography


Image via Jean Allsopp


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