18 Beautiful Living Room Designs With Stylish Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are flexible, can be easily moved to different places in the house то meet our needs. Unlike the lighting installed in the ceiling or on the wall, floor lamps can easily adapt to different arrangement of furniture and decorating styles. Lighting is one of the most important items when decorating one room and beside the functionality, the lighting has an aesthetic role.

Between the two types of floor lamps, those that provide ambient light and those which are intended for reading, you should choose the one that suits the required purpose. It can be used to illuminate the entrance hall, bedroom, dining area, sometimes the terrace, but most often can be found in the living room.

By providing light in the lower zone of the wall, which acts favorably, floor lamps are the best choice for reading, chatting, hanging out with friends or playing with children.
Lamps with light pointing downwards are best for reading, but it’s good to check whether the height of such lamps will be in line with the height of the user, in a sitting position. When watching television is good to have included a floor lamp with the reduced intensity, in order to reduce the strain on the eyes due to rapid changes of very bright and very dark scenes. See some beautiful examples of living rooms with floor lamps and you might find idea for your living room!


Image via Jacob Termansen Photography


Image via Sarah Greenman


Image via Jan Stittleburg


Image via Jeff Jones Snap It Photography


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Author: Ana Duovska


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