18 Beautiful Bright Kitchen Design Ideas To Serve You As Inspiration

Although a small and modest, with small changes, your kitchen can look very luxurious and beautiful. We present you some tricks that will bring a touch of luxury to your room, without emptying your wallet.

-Elements of metal or iron can completely change the look of the pieces of furniture and can do miracles for your kitchen cabinets and elements. Switch the handles on the drawers and kitchen cabinets with new unique metal handles, that will for a moment update the entire space.

-Bright colors on the walls and kitchen cabinets immediately illuminates the whole space, so that the interior of the kitchen will look bigger and more expensive. Bright colors reflect light and successfully can hide a multitude of errors, including scratches and dents in the old elements.

-Replace the old dilapidated door of the kitchen cabinet with new one, or renew your old door that will give to your kitchen a sleek design. Use glass or high-gloss doors for dose glam or give up the doors in some areas and create open shelves to show the best pieces of dishes.

-Chandeliers and lamps are the perfect addition that will not only brighten up your kitchen, but will change the whole atmosphere in the interior.

-Use the windows in your kitchen in the best possible way. Place the appropriate blinds, shutters or curtains, depending on the style that dominates in your kitchen. If you able, put some flower pots of indoor plants, which will bring serenity and a sense of liveliness in your kitchen.

-Replace the old pots or decorative elements with new, modern pieces. Change your fruit bowl, or tray for a subtle change, that makes a big difference.

We hope these tips will help you in an easy and inexpensive way to refresh your kitchen! Now check out below and see some inspirational ideas how to decorate bright and beautiful kitchen!


Image via Andrea Rugg


Image via SNAP Photography


Image via Kenneth M. Wyner Photography Inc.


Image via Andrew O’Neil


Image via Tom Marks Photo


Image via Brian Gassel


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