18 Astounding Green Living Room Designs That Will Catch Your Eye

Change your living room, so that every moment spent in it to be relaxing for you and your family members. One successful option is to add color, and transform it into peaceful and charming place. If you opt for green, the color, which according to many research, that most soothes and provides a serene and quiet moments.

Of course it is important which shade of green you will choose: bright green color will not be so pleasant, as a pastel or a lighter shade. If you really like vivid bright green color, you can add it in the interior in the form of some detail (picture, picture frame, lamp, cushions, curtains, wallpapers, etc …). The easiest way to enter green in the room in which you have guests coming and where you spend the most time alone, is top add some decorative details in this color. You can opt to paint the walls of the living room in white and the furniture and the details to be in green tones. Or if you want more extraordinary ambience, you can make one accent wall painted in green color. Whatever you choose, you will get cozy atmosphere in your living room, with green color. Below you can see some functional options that surely will catch your eye. Enjoy!


Image via Rick Lew


Image via Gordon Beall


Image via Sharon Risedorph


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