18 Astonishing Staircase Designs With A Focus On Elegance And Functionality

The staircase plays an important role in our homes but that doesn’t seem to reflect on their design most of the times. There are a lot of new homeowners who do not consider the staircase a separate subject that deserves to have its own characteristic look that can compliment the hallway’s interior design. And plenty of people forget about the staircase when they are doing a total overhaul of their home, which probably doesn’t make it total. But the staircase can be so much more than just a boring piece of the hallway.
There are so many absolutely amazing designs of staircases that you can use as an inspiration to find the perfect match for your home. Looking at them, you will notice the subtle touch they can have on your home’s interior design, especially if you’re going for the open floor plan. Alternatively, the staircase can have a dramatic effect that will pull gazes towards it.

But it is not all about looks when it comes to the staircase. It needs to be practical, not just functional. It needs to do its main purpose of connecting the floors flawlessly, like a compact home elevator, yes those things actually exist and are quite useful. In fact, home elevators shouldn’t even be considered a luxurious addition. They’re more of a practical addition to the home because they enable you to easily and safely move between the floors in your home which is especially valuable if there are young children or elderly family members residing in the home.

Take a look at our latest collection of interior designs in which our spotlight shines on 18 Astonishing Staircase Designs With A Focus On Elegance And Functionality. We want to use this compilation of interiors to express the importance of the design of your staircase and the effect it can have on the entirety of your home’s interior. Carefully explore the following pictures and you will be able to notice that each of the interior designs that we’ve featured incorporates the staircase in a seamless fashion, even though it carries characteristics of its own. It’s practical functionality is blended elegantly within the bigger picture and sometimes even provides a focal point. Enjoy!

1. Contemporary Staircase

2. Rustic Stairs in a contemporary home

3. Pasadena Project

4. Hadley Common Family Home

5. Eclectic Bay-front Home

6. Contemporary Staircase

7. Modern Japanese Interior

8. Parisian Loft


10. Modern Staircase Illusion

11. Lakeside Modern Revival

12. Wayland Modern

13. Center Hall Mansion in Tenafly NJ

14. Tornado Spiral Staircase with LED lighting

15. Japanese interior

16. Modern Spiral Staircase


18. Putney Home


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