17 Wonderful Farmhouse Bathroom Designs You’ll Adore

While the farmhouse interior design style is quite familiar, it doesn’t seem to be one of the most popular choices that new homeowners make when choosing the interior design direction for their new home. One of the reasons could be its name, implying that there must be some kind of a farm for a farmhouse design. But that is absolutely not true. The name comes from the origins of this style but there are so many awesome designs nowadays that have taken this style to all kinds of places.

Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we are going to exploreΒ 17 Wonderful Farmhouse Bathroom Designs You’ll Adore. We’re looking forward to hearing your opinion on this classic home design style. It provides a very warm and cozy atmosphere and can easily integrate features from the modern styles. We’ve recently started a showcase of this style with our collection ofΒ 18 Fantastic Farmhouse Kitchen Designs That Will Warm Your Heart and will do our best to bring as many designs as possible to you. Enjoy!

1. Quail’s End at Joshua Tree

2. Orinda Farm House

3. Farmhouse Bathroom

4. Harmony Township

5. West Cornwall, CT

6. Farmhouse Master Bathroom

7. Northwest Farmhouse Showcase Home

8. Lutz Ave Whole House Remodel in Ann Arbor, Michigan

9. Brentbrook Farmhouse

10. Clark Way – Modern Farmhouse Total Remodel

11. Farmhouse Bathroom

13. Hudson Bay

14. Modern Farmhouse Master Bathroom

15. Country House

16. Encino Farmhouse

17. Lampe Rd


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