17 Ultra Clever Ideas For Decorating Small Dream Bathroom

Small bathrooms in most apartments represent a major problem because the necessary elements should be placed in just a few square meters. But choosing the properly color of the walls, and adding shelves and mirrors, can greatly improve the aesthetic side and visually to increase the space. You are probably wondering how someone can make a small bathroom to be functional and beautiful. See the photos below that will help you to combine practicality and visual harmony, and you will see that it is possible and not at all that difficult.

Our proposals could be the first stage in the design of your upcoming project. Small spaces is a lot harder to adjust and arrange, especially when it comes to bathroom. Bathtub, washing machine and sink are just some of the fixed things we have to squeeze in a few square meters. We present you some fascinating ideas for decorating small bathrooms, to look modern and every corner to be used properly. Color is one of the very important things that you need to think if you want to visually create the space in the bathroom. Avoid dark and muted colors on large areas and include white, cream or light gray, or combine just one small detail in bright color like a piece of the wall behind the mirror or alike. See our inspirational examples that will help you to decorate properly your small bathroom!


Image via Philip Vile


Image via Paul Bardagjy Photography


Image via Corinne Cobabe


Image via Sundeep Singh Osahn


Image via Chad Davies Photography


Image via Philip Vile


Image via KuDa Photography


Image via Fisher Photography


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