17 Truly Amazing Shower Designs That Will Delight You

Design ideas for decorating bathroom are endless, there are not strict rules and everything depend on the skills and artistic potential of the creator, and the desires of the homeowner. If you love extraordinary design and want your room for showering to look cool and unique, and no matter how much money you have separated to spend, you can always make different shower-room than the standard, just you need to think outside the box.

All bathrooms have the potential to look perfect if the used design-skills approach is different from the standard, and we believe that here you might get ideas about it. In reality, the main reason for choosing a shower instead of a bath is small available space, and the modern way of life that lists the fast pace of life, so there is no time for long time bathing. Often people are in doubt, whether it is better option comfort and classic bathtub or beautifully designed shower. As it may seem simple this duel, we must admit that both have their own advantages and disadvantages. But in the end still depends on the needs, habits and preferences of the owners.

If your desire is to have amazing shower, then you can decorate it to be functional and in the same time beautiful. That way you will extra pleasure while taking a shower. See our proposals, and you will find many inspirational ides. Enjoy!


Image via Stu Siegel


Image via Bruce Damonte


Image via Neil Landino Photography


Image via John Merkyl Architect


Image via Derek Skalko


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