17 Super Smart Ideas For Remodeling Basement

The basement space is generally not pleasant for a longer stay, because there have not natural light, and frequently occur problems with moisture in the older buildings. Problems with the moisture are difficult to rehabilitate, except the procedure with detailed renovation or reconstruction, and the smaller problems can be eliminated easily and can be created a favorable microclimate.

Basements are known as areas where is hard to pay attention often, but actually they are offering an additional living space for many purposes and activities. There are a wide range of fun and useful ideas, you can choose between media room and extra living room, through the wine cellar, gym and office, to the game room and guest rooms. If you are lucky enough and live in a house or building with a basement, you have so many opportunities. Take a look at some of our favorite ideas for the basement and tell us which one do you like most?


Image via kellyallison photography


Image via Nicole Leone Photography


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