17 Stylish Marble Kitchen Designs For Every Contemporary Home

Marble made a modern twist in the world of interior design, however, it needs to be used in small doses, accents and pieces. In the last few decades, marble is not often used in interior design. When you mention marble, many people have a vision of large, cold rooms, closed from floor to ceiling or marble can remind to ornate sculptures that decorate the rooms of our grandmothers.

In this case, when the marble in question, less means infinitely more. If you want to track trends and use marble in your interior design, look for clever ways to incorporate marble into your interior. We will show you some innovative ways that will give a classic stamp to your kitchen and your living space will look very modern. Check out these inspirational kitchen designs made stylish with marble and enjoy!


Image via Sean Litchfield


Image via Michael Kelley Photography 2012


Image via Sam Gray Photography


Image via Shelly Harrison


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