17 Stunning Modern Porch Designs Full Of Inspirational Ideas

Once considered as a second living room of the house, the porch kinda faded away in the modern residence designs. For some reason, people who decide to build their new homes in the modern style avoid having a porch in front of their house even though in the past the porch was considered as a second living room to the house where you would stay during the day or welcome guests.
The reasons porches aren’t as common nowadays is most likely the technological advances that have brought air conditioning to every home.
But even if you can get the temperature a bit lower in your home, you can’t get the outdoors feeling. That’s why some owners of modern residences have chosen to have a modern porch in front of their house where they can enjoy their modern landscape with the comfort of their home.

Welcome to our latest outdoor designs collection from the modern design style showcase which features 17 Stunning Modern Porch Designs Full Of Inspirational Ideas. Hopefully, the designs of modern porches that we have featured in today’s collection will inspire you to have one in your home. Enjoy!

Casa San Lazzaro

The latest ideas for a sunny Villa

Stunning Modern Porch


House by the lake Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Pontatoc Residence

Lotus Lake House

Modern Porch

Shelter Island

Cove House

Mandeville Canyon Residence

Modern Porch

Wine Country Modern

The Martin

Modern Screen Porch

Lake Austin

Brewer House


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