17 Remarkable Traditional Foyer Designs That Will Make You Feel Welcome

Coming back to your home after a long day at work or after a trip with the family should be a very relaxing experience, one that offers solutions instead of new problems. The traditional foyer is the kind of space that you will always enjoy coming back to. Besides greeting you with the warm and cozy atmosphere of the traditional style, it also offers plenty of practical storage space for your shoes, coats and accessories.

Welcome to our latest compilation of interior designs in which you are going to see 17 Remarkable Traditional Foyer Designs That Will Make You Feel Welcome. Take a look at the designs that we’ve made part of this fresh list of ideas. You will discover a lot of features that you will want to have in your own home’s entry hall. It is a worthy thing to remember the next time you decide to renovate your home. Just like the hallway, the foyer is also the kind of space that rarely gets the attention it deserves, so make sure you give it all you can. Enjoy!

1. Newport Renovation

2. Traditional Entry Hall

3. Ada Estate

4. Traditional Foyer

5. Seattle Frink House

6. Aurora Fields

7. A House with Heart

8. Whitefish Bay Addition

9. Lion House, Berwick upon Tweed

10. Wayne Renovation

11. Lac La Belle Lake House

12. Holly Road House

13. Mt Pleasant

14. Dogwood, Minneapolis

15. Camp Hill Hamptons

16. Traditional On Beacon Hill Boston

17. Granville Home


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