17 Precious Ideas To Decorate Your Big Spacious Dining Room

How many people have problems with the quality decorating of small space, as many have in the big spaces. In both cases you need to choose pieces of furniture that will be proportional to the area. A big number of pieces of furniture and imbalance, can easily lead to disharmony in the overall impression of every large space. With careful analysis of the space, it is possible to reach excellent solution!

In the large, spacious dining room, very nice will look a large square-shaped tables (ideal for large families and those who often receive more guests). This table will already with its dimensions act classy, and complemented by chairs with higher backrests and arms, immersed in the atmosphere to the ceremony. In very large spaces well will ‘sit’ and large round tables.

For classical spaces we suggest a square or round solid wood tables and chairs (especially suitable carved wooden chairs in combination with leather), while for continental variant rustic, we advise massive square tables with simple lines (better are chairs that have arm rests). In the contemporary spaces will look nice large glass or aluminum tables and chairs set in the same material.


Image via Alex Maguire Photography


Image via Mike Mroz of Michael Robert Construction






Image via Paul Orenstein




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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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