17 Pink Living Room Designs For Cheerful Atmosphere

Sometimes it is really hard to find the right combination of colors for your living room, bedroom or kitchen. Even if you do not set suitable color, it becomes a nightmare and can completely ruin the beauty of the home decoration. The main color of the room should fit well with the rest of the shades in the room. There shouldn’t be more than tree colors in one room, including the main color. If you want to make attractive living room, then you should find some cheerful color, that will break the monotony.

If you opt for pink in the living room, you can not go wrong. Delicate pink color can be used in the development of interiors for all rooms. In the living room, decorated in pale pinks, you will be pleased to spend days and nights. The walls, floor and ceiling materials, can be painted in a light beige or milky color. On the floor you can set a white carpet, or rug in other neutral shade.

There are so many creative ideas, when it comes to decorating with pink. Pink in your living room is always good and functional idea. It will transform the living room into peaceful and comfortable room, where you and your family will enjoy daily. See our suggestions, and you might find idea for your pink living room. Enjoy!



Image via Dave Hubler


Image via Michael Lee Photography


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Image via Joni Spear Interior Design


Image via Tom Crane


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Author: Ana Duovska


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