17 Outstanding Garden Fountains To Enhance Your Backyard

Spring time is right time to arrange your courtyard, and prepare it for the warmer days. A nice decoration in every yard can be a mini fountain in the garden. Creating a fountain in the courtyard really does not have to be complicated and difficult job, only there are a few important details that you should take into account, such as equipment, materials, dimensions, shapes, fountains, etc. Today the fountain in the courtyard are quite with decorative function. In addition to the soothing sound of the water, fountains will attract birds and butterflies that will “revive” garden.

Today, the fountains can be made of various materials, and those of stone and concrete need a minimum of maintenance. Fountain of bronze and copper are a nice contrast to the natural environment, but they require a little more maintenance than others, and are more expensive. Also, there are fountains with glass, metal and wooden elements.

Lighting of the garden fountains can totally change the look and ambience in the courtyard. Some fountains have already built-in lighting, but for those that do not, it can be added later. A place where you want to set the fountain, should be choosen carefully, especially if you are at the beginning of decorating your yard. If the fountain is bigger, it is not advisable to be located close to other things, and if it is small be sure that it is not covered with flowers or plants. These are some usual rules that you need to obey if you want to have harmony in the backyard!


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