17 Most Simple & Beautiful DIY Christmas Decorations That Can Be Made From Wood

Winter is almost here and we are waiting it with enthusiasm and joy! Many of you maybe have already gathered a decent collection of branches and wooden materials to decorate and create your own Christmas trees and various decorations, but if you are not one of them, it is still not too late. As we are approaching Christmas, so time for making ornaments we have less and less. Therefore, we present some ideas to assist you in this exempt creative and fun job. What is best of all, they can be made within your home, with your family, especially children, who will look forward to it more than anything.

With a little imagination, you can create wonderful and unique decorations from wood, that you will be happy for years to put on the Christmas tree, and you will be proud of yourself. And we have chosen for you 17 simple and ingenious ideas, which can help you to amaze your family and guests. For some, you will need to allocate only half an hour of your free time, while others require a bit more time and occasional skills. See below all the great ideas that we have chosen for you and be creative. Good luck!


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