17 Most Genius Space Saving Hacks You Could Never Imagine

Of course that there is no person who dreams to live in the 30 square meters, but sometimes the situation demands, whether it is a temporary or permanent solutions. But no matter how small is the flat compared to the number of family members, nothing can replace your own privacy space. In the small homes is important to pay attention to the smallest detail in order to save precious space.

Sometimes even the door can be a problem, but there is a solution for everything. Few people actually enjoy housework, while other do their responsibilities because they must. It is simply a work that always has to work again. With little tricks and hacks that we present you, you will save time and energy that would otherwise unnecessarily expended. Almost all of us in our homes, we have some little tricks that we use to clean, work and improve our home.

Usually, we don’t share them with someone, because they cherish as gold, but we gathered for you 17 best tips and hacks that will surely help you in your home and keeping everything around it. These space saving hacks and tips are so genius and clever, we hope that everyone will try some of them. See our inspiring collection and make your small home to be perfect dream home!

Use every inch of the space

Get a storage platform built in your small room

You can make doorless storage for the clothes

Build a portable DIY caddy for your garage

This shoe ottoman would be great as extra storage

Use mason jars as holders in the bathroom

Exposed closet instead of headboard will also save a lot space

A hidden storage behind a painting

Use small storage solutions to make it easier to find your stuff

Display crafting materials on a convenient pegboard

Every bit of space matters- organize your jewelry

What about a ceiling-hung garment rack?

Install pull out drawers in your bathroom

Extra storage for the nursery will be great

Create a DIY foil holder rack for your pantry door

Buy corner dish rack and you will save extra space

Tuck art supplies into salvaged tin cans


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