17 Most Creative Ways For Creating Vertical Planter Display In The Home

Vertical gardens are designed to find a way to enrich the environment in order to improve the micro climate. In the pats times were used various kinds of flowers and plants, leaving their vines to fall out of the planters. Today’s green walls have gone much further and have become real works of art. In addition to the smooth design, leaving all the necessary elements for the installation of these walls, everything else is art.

This way of greening gives the possibility of choosing a large number of plant species, the colorful appearance, colors, leaves, the height and other visual features to give a countless compositions and combinations. Such walls can easily be used in the interior. Experts in this field say that green wall in the home is really amazing feature, and has many positive characteristics. But if you don’t have enough space for creating vertical wall garden in the home, you can opt for some variation, for example, you can create DIY vertical planter display, and in the same way too enrich your home with greenery. There are countless ways to do that, you just need to find which one will be easier for you. Check out below and see some functional solutions that might help you in your choice!


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