17 Most Creative Ideas To Make Stylish DIY Underbed Storage Drawers

Additional space to store things is never enough and is especially fun to see the ingenious ways in which we can create and also help to better quality organization at home. One great idea that you can use in your home, especially if you have pieces of furniture that are lifted off the floor, is sliding drawer on wheels that, if necessary, can easily be slipped under the couch, closet or bed and just as easy to pull when you need some of the items that you have hidden from the views. This tray is the perfect solution for storing shoes and other items in your bedroom, and the examples that follows, can be used for stacking additional blankets, magazines, books and other accessories.

Before you begin this project, you need to measure how much you have available space under your couch or bed, to make sure that your new drawer will stand without any difficulty. With paper for sanding go lightly on the surface boards to eliminate individual wood fibers. If desired, garnish the drawer with geometric shapes that can be created by using masking tape and spray paint. Items that you want to store in this new drawer, simply push it under the sofa and you’re done!


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