17 Magnificent Small Infinity Swimming Pool Designs To Cool Off In Your Backyard

For all the lovers of swimming, sunbathing and general activities on the beach, this text will be at least a little closer to the marine atmosphere. As soon as the temperature exceeds thirty degrees, all people are looking for ways to cool off, but if you have free time, you can get some rest and relax in your backyard. The best way to fully enjoy this time of the year is in your own pool. Those lucky enough to have a large yard, can think about building a swimming pool. Nowadays, there are countless possible solutions. The first is that, in the old-fashioned way, you can dug a hole in the ground and when it will overlaid with all necessary layers, will be formed real pool. But this method is very demanding, both in time and financially.

Therefore, in the market can find ready-made riverbed that is very easy to install in the aforementioned hole in the ground, after which it needs some minor adjustments, closing spaces, and finally decorate the surroundings of the pool. This way you will get very quickly, ready-to-use pool. This feature represents an even faster way to get an oasis for relaxation and enjoyment in their own backyard. Installation of the overhead swimming pool is even faster, since it does not require digging a hole, but nearly done riverbed is mounted on a prepared surface. There are many kinds of swimming pools which differ for its shape, instalation, building materials, etc. If you have a little space in your backyard, and you want to make small swimming pool here, take a look in our collection below, and you will see many inspirational examples of beautiful small infinity swimming pools to cool off in the hot summer days. See them and enjoy in our collection!




Image via Mark Pinkerton VI360 Photography








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Author: Ana Duovska


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