17 Kids-Friendly Backyards That Will Fascinate You

Do you have a garden and need some imaginative ideas how to decorate it? Then carefully look at the pictures below. Before you decorate the yard, define what would you like to have in it. Will it serve you only for decoration, will it have a lot of plants and flowers or you want to spend time in it, so you will set up a gazebo, barbecue, swings, or maybe a small pool or pond. When you define your needs then just go to devise the space and allocate everything that will be where.

Careful planning of the yard will create a picture of a fairy tale. The paths, lighting, plants, pergolas, fountains, are the elements that set on the right place will highlight your yard in relation to others. Whether it is a garden decorated informal or formal, modern or classic, you can always create something creative.

If you want to make something extraordinary, you can make kid-friendly backyard. In this way you will make extra fun place for your children. Your kids will be always entertained and happy. See these fascinating ideas and create perfect outdoor haven for your kids. Have fun!


Image via Sarah Moore


Image via ShadesOfGreen


Image via ShadesOfGreen


Image via ShadesOfGreen


Image via Teri Lyn Fisher


Image via Lori Brookes


Image via Ross Van Pelt


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