17 Inviting Traditional Entryway Designs You’d Love To Walk Into

The way your entrance is arranged can play a huge role in the appeal of your home’s exterior. The traditional entryway doesn’t just take the area around the front door into account. It also applies to the immediate areas that surround it and it is important to have a complete design that matches the flow of the rest of your home’s exterior for the best experience. Another important factor that you need to keep in mind when designing your entryway is its connection to the interior.
Of course, an outdoor area can’t be the same as the interior of your house but it can reference it in a way or two.

Welcome to a new collection of traditional home designs in which we’re going to show youΒ 17 Inviting Traditional Entryway Designs You’d Love To Walk Into.
Last time, we showed you the interior part of the entrance to your traditional house in our collection ofΒ 15 Outstanding Traditional Entry Hall Designs You Need To See but today, we’re going to step outside and start working on bringing you the best of the outdoor areas in the traditional style. Enjoy!

1. 13 Meadow Wood Drive, Greenwich

2. French Country House

3. Ocean Highland

4. Sunset Drive Residence

5. 1976 Colonial Transformation

6. House in Forest Hills, Tennessee

7. French Country Garden

8. Larger Than Life

9. French Country Style Residences


10. Iconic Beaconsfield Parade Home

11. Owls Nest Carriage House in Greenville, DE

12. Traditional Entryway


13. Rosewood Place Estate II

14. West Hollywood Residence

15. Traditional Entrance

16. Historic Renovation

17. Traditional Entry


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Author: Fidan Jovanov

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