17 Interesting Ideas For Repurposing Old Spice Rack That You Need To See

In our homes often we have things that we don’t use and just so vain stand, but we still don’t want to throw them. A good way to reuse them, and to facilitate the work of mother nature is the recycling, in which the old items will get a new purpose and become useful again.

Among the designers are increasingly spread the ideas that recycling is not enough and the next revolutionary step should be creating regenerative design in fabricated products or thinking what could be their use after they serve their duration. From simplest planting flowers in old cans of cheese instead of pots, to manufacture the sofa from halved automobile or refrigerator, placing bags of coffee instead of pillows in cafes, making the beach chairs or goals couches of pallets, the conscious for eco design and recycling should take growing sway in the world.

If you are one of those people who want to recycle and to create something new and original, we present you one interesting idea: you can repurpose your old unused spice rack into many useful items. Browse our collection, get inspired, and try to create somethign interesting and original for your home. Have fun!


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