17 Interesting DIY Tire Project Ideas For Your Garden

Have you racked up quite the old tire collection from the seasonal tire changes of your vehicles? Well it would certainly be a shame to throw them away. I mean, it is not safe to use these tires on your car anymore but are they completely useless? Absolutely not! There are tons of awesome DIY projects that are going to show you how to give old tires a new purpose in and around your home. Instead of throwing them out, find a DIY tire project that you can use to both recycle an old tire and upgrade your garden at the same time.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we are going to show you 17 Interesting DIY Tire Project Ideas For Your Garden. Have a look through the following projects and you will find out plenty of things to do over the weekend whether you have one or one hundred old tires in your garage. You can turn all of them into something useful like a colorful piece of furniture for your backyard or a simple swing for your kids. As usual, all of these DIY projects come together with step by step tutorials so there’s nothing to worry about but start off with one or two of them so you don’t get tired. Happy crafting!

1. Tire Climber

2. Used Tire Hose Caddy

3. DIY Tire Rope Ottoman

4. Trash Pile Tire Made Trendy Table Tutorial

5. Make a Tire Totter

6. Make a garden pond from recycled tires

7. Tire Sandbox

8. DIY Tire Project – Garden Stool

9. DIY Tire Flower Planter Tutorial

10. DIY Tire Swing

11. Tire Planters with cinder block plinth

12. DIY Tire Chair

13. DIY Tire Planter

14. DIY Wishing Well

15. Dog Bed made from old tire

16. Spill Proof Dog Bowl Recycled Tire DIY

17. DIY Tire Patio Table


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