17 Inspirational Examples That Will Help You To Choose The Appropriate Carpet

A good carpet is much more than decoration for the floor – it will bring warmth to the space, protect the floor covering, will provide sound insulation and visually connect the elements in space. Today, in the stores you may find a wide selection of carpets that can satisfy every taste and fit into a variety of interior styles. Most of the time, our eyes are directed above the floor, and this area is often overlooked. However, with an attractive carpet, you can make your decor from an ordinary to become extraordinary. If you do not want the focus in the space to put on the carpet, you can choose those with simpler design, in shades that prevailing in the area, without too much color and pattern. In the room with smaller size you should set brighter carpets according to the color of the walls and furniture, so as not to attract too much attention.

In rooms that are larger in size can be placed a carpet as a focal point, with colors and designs of your choice, and you can select and set up a large and a small carpet, that does not have to be in the same pattern, it is enough to be in the same style and the same color. In recent years more and more people avoid placing a large carpet, that besides suffocate the space, it is difficult is to maintain because you can not approach to all parts during cleaning. In our photo gallery below, can be found many inspirational examples that will help you to choose the appropriate carpet for your living space!


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