17 Industrial Shelves Designs To Spice Up Every Home Decor

Do your rooms seem somewhat impersonal and boring? Do you feel that something is missing? If so, then it’s time for a little “spice up” the room. A good solution are wall shelves that take up little space and the room becomes warmer and more fulfilling. In the room where we spend most of the time everything should be dedicated to comfort and convenience. It should not be overloaded space, so it would circulate any easier. Convenience can be achieved and with shelves. If you want to embellish, refresh and little change in the living space, and with that, in fact, to receive and additional storage space for various things, see our examples of shelf designs that we have chosen for you.

In our collection below, we present you various examples of industrial shelves, which can spice up any interior design. Some of them can be done easily, as DIY projects. For these projects you don’t need special equipment and a lot of tools, but in the same time, with just a little effort you will have wonderful industrial shelves, which can adorn every room of your home. Browse our collection and see what we’ve got for you!


Image via Julie Ranee Photography


Image via Ryan Wicks Photography


Image via Matt Villano Photography


Image via Heather Banks


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