17 Imposant Ideas To Decorate Nursery For Boy

Before the birth of the baby, except for the procurement of the most basic thing, should be prepared or at least to think about an appropriate room, or space for it. It is best if you provide a separate room for the baby. It should be close to your room, to make it easier when you get up at night. Whatever you decide, you need to pay attention to some basic things. The most important thing is that the room or space where the baby is staying is sunny, and has the possibility of good ventilation, because the air quality is very important. In the winter months, the area need to be heated, but also need to be ventilated. When selecting a bed, think about functionality, safety and comfort. The mattress should provide a good support to the back of your baby.

When it comes to the colors, you can opt for some neutral shades, which are good for both boy and girl. But if you want to make the nursery more specific, if you are decorating room for girl, you should opt for pink, purple, or bright red. For the boy’s nursery, you can use blue, brown, or gray. Orange, green and yelow, can be used for the both. If you are decorating nursery for boy, and you don’t have any idea how to do that, check out below, and see our inspirational examples which will help you to decorate the nursery properly!


Image via Donna Dotan Photography


Image via Zack Benson


Image via Ricky Stern Photography


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Image via Tre Dunham


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