17 Great Ideas To Refresh Your Bathroom With Console Sink

The cheapest way to do something with your bathroom, is to refresh it and to freely change the accessories that you use. You can make small changes that will personalize your bathroom and give it a different look. You can do this by adding details, replace the path to the bathroom, put new curtains on the window or change the lighting, change the towel holders, soap dish, toothbrush holders. These small details can have a significant impact on the look of your bathroom.

In addition, using the base sinks in bright color, also can reduce the diminished sense of the space. Place some decorative mirror on the wall, allowing you to achieve the formation of a central point in this space. Bathroom furniture in addition to good look, must be made of high quality materials. Lacquered wood and painted MDF are good solutions because they have a higher resistance to moisture. Avoid bathroom furniture made of plywood because its porous structure is sensitive to humidity, and after a while may cause swelling and damage the top layers of the material.

When it comes to the sink, you can always replace your old sink, with some other more interesting and eye-catching, that will be focal point in your bathroom. In addition we present you one collection of some interesting console bathroom sink designs. They will not occupy too much of the space, but in the same time they look fancy in every bathroom. See them and get inspired!


Image via Normandy Remodeling


Image via Adam Butler


Image via Peter Rymwid


Image via Polly Eltes Photography


Image via Gary Quigg Photography


Image via Peter Landers Photography


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