17 Gorgeous Dining Room Chandelier Designs For Your Inspiration

Decorative people, we are bringing you somenew ideas! It is about unique, inspiring chandelier desing for the dining room, which will delight you. Lighting is very important when it comes to interior design, it can highlight and add special charm or desecrate space. Chandeliers and lamps in the dining room can create a warmer atmosphere, and in the rooms will provide comfortable and pleasant feeling, so, for choosing the proper lighting, should be given special attention. Beautiful lighting, interesting shapes or patterns designed to provide a modern, contemporary look, and the owners of the home presents, itself as a particular creative.

In the smaller dining rooms you should not put great lighting, but rather to be smaller, but with greater intensity. The strongest light should come from a light source located above the middle of the dining table. This main lamp as a rule, should be pendant or chandelier hung a little lower than it would be in other areas, at a height of 150-160 cm, so that, the light is close to the table, resulting with a sense of intimacy and warmth. It is also preferred, and additional lighting, maybe some floor lamps or smaller table lamps on the sideboard. In the photos, see which ideas for dining room chandeliers we have selected as our favorites! Enjoy!


Image via Susan Gilmore Photography


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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