17 Functional Small Built-In Work Table Design Ideas

The work table is mandatory piece of every home, no matter if it is in the office, in the bedroom, or in the child’s room. An ideal place for a work table is by the window, where there is a lot of light. The table is set so that light comes from the left side. If the table is not set next to a window, the lack of daylight should be upgraded with table lamp, which is mandatory.

The functionality and design of the table, merged into one, should be perfect piece of furniture in your home. If you have little space available, you can opt for a compact work table that conceals the components of a computer, so when not in use, all parts will be hidden and placed in the drawers. See some creative designs of small built-in work table ideas, which are ideal for small spaces.


Image via Blake Gordon and Lisa Hause


Image via Tim Furlong Jr.


Image via Dave Adams Photography


Image via Tim Furlong Jr


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