17 Functional Ideas For Designing Small Wine Cellar

Although the most expensive of the wine containers are wooden barrels, and cultivate a wine in them requires more work and attention than the wines in any other court, today every winemaker who opts for more serious wine production, after ripening charge in bottles, wants in his basement to have some wooden barrel or other container for wine storage.

The space for storing wine, ie, wine cellar, is a continuation of processing, and multi-functional work, it can be a separate room, or directly with the part which is used for processing. The number and size of wine containers in the basement, should allow classification of wines according to grape varieties and quality categories, as defined by legislation. If the basement has the premises for the storage of wine in barrels, part of the wine, it is usually 10-20% of total capacity will stay longer time in the wooden vessel.

But for all wine lovers, who don’t produce wine, and only have a small collections of wine, we have a bunch of some interesting ideas. You can make small wine cellar in your house or apartment, in any part of your home. Check out our proposals and you will find out how to design interesting small wine cellar, which will be spotlight in your interior!


Image via Latham Architectural


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Author: Ana Duovska


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