17 Fascinating Open Concept Living Rooms That Will Attract Your Attention

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house because the whole family here spends the most time. For this reason, the living room should be comfortable and decorated with taste, because it best reflects your personal style and affinity. When you decorate the living room, always keep in mind the functionality of the space, and that it would be place where everyone should feel comfortable and relaxed. But whatever the style that you choose – a classic, sophisticated and modern – pay attention to the basic rules.

If you want to decorate your space in modern style, select a smaller number of items, but make them effective. This does not mean you have to buy very expensive items – you just need to find that furniture pieces that will fit well in your home decor.

Arrange the furniture so that you can freely move through the living room. If you set it parallel to the walls, the whole place will look as a whole. Do not forget that the lamps, curtains and carpets can improve the environment or to break down if the selection is poor. Lighting is one of the most important things because it contributes to complete the atmosphere. It is best to use less light bulbs and to be pointed in the wall, but the ideal would be to have a couple of floor lamps that will be set on the corners. In our collection below you can see some fascinating open concept living rooms that surely will attract your attention. Enjoy in our gallery!


Image via Ron Ronco Photography


Image via Giovanni Photography


Image via Trent Bell Photography


Image via Bryant Hill


Image via James Kruger, LandMark Photography


Image via Landmark Photography


Image via Shannon Gale


Image via Shannon Gale


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