17 Fabulous Black & White Living Room Design Ideas

Black and white in interiors and is most classic and most contrast combination. They look great and when are combined with any other color – green, pink, purple, red, yellow. Black and white interiors complemented by details in color will always be trendy and chick. Black is associated with elegance and strength, and white is synonym for purity and refinement. It is known that black and white in color theory are, in fact, the complete absence or full presence of light, and sometimes are not even treated as colors.

Black is in the practice of interior designing color that completely absorbs the light.Β If you opt for the smaller areas of black, it will allow you to highlight some areas which are located in the immediate vicinity. However, larger black areas are not recommended for residential areas, as they may be depressed. The use of black requires forethought, planning and a clear idea of ​​the application. The combination of black and white is unsurpassed as in industrial design, the same in the interior. It can for a moment sound sterile and uninteresting, but this contrast provides a variety of features and still retains its dose of elegance. It allows a wide range of applications in all rooms – from the bathroom to the living room.

Black-and-white combination can be your general theme in interior of the apartment, with details in other colors, to break the monotony. If you are wondering whether to use black and white in your living room, see the following examples and make desicion! Enjoy!


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