17 Extravagant Ideas Of Round Furniture For Every Home Style

For this year, the designers chose a favorite shape – a circle. The easiest way to see it in the interior is at the tables, however, sofas, chairs, and other seating items in the living room are no longer in a straight line, but curved. The cabinets in the bedroom also lose their edge, and even the hanging parts in the kitchen, can be rounded. This trend will particularly appeal to parents of young children, as there are no sharp edges on which kids can hurt.

Unlike the strict impression that rectilinear forms leave, rounded furniture makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. It has long been known that a round dining table adds a sense of intimacy. because you have a better view of all participants. The same is true for sofas, a coffee table and other round furniture that visually leaves the same impression. Even the heavy materials such as marble, be mitigated by a round form. The round bed for some reason lures you at least a little to lie down, relax and enjoy. That’s the magic of the circle, which is perfect in every way. If you are able, ie you have plenty of space in the house, consider buying a round furniture.


Image via Jill Greer


Image via Par Bengtsson Photography


Image via Matthew Millman


Image via Lincoln Barbour


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Author: Ana Duovska


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