17 Enrossing Bedroom Designs With Dark Wall That Breaks The Monotony

Decorate your bedroom so that to be the most pleasant place to relax and enjoy in your home. That certainly should be, because after a hard day it is the place where you want to relax, fall asleep, and spend quality time here. It is interesting and very pleasant solution when it comes to colors on the walls that soothe, to use that one that are a little darker- they make a little more dramatic look of the room. Of course in this you should not exaggerated, so we conclude that it is best to paint one wall in a darker color to the contrast effect to be visible. This contrast will give to your bedroom the perfect look, and with a few more details, you are done with decorating your dream bedroom.

This move is not so usual, and is not used so often, and that’s why your room will get a unique and sophisticated look. The point at which you decide on this big step, will present a real challenge, but you will surely be delighted with the result. Your room will be an oasis of peace and comfort for your eyes. The light, which will reflect from the dark walls, will shine to those in contrast, so you will get a sufficiently light that does not burden the eyes and at the same time makes the perfect atmosphere for relaxation.


Image via Patrik Argast


Image via Brian Gassel


Image via Michelle Rasmussen


Image via Bethany Paige Photography


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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