17 Engrossing Natural Swimming Pools That Will Delight You

The pool is really the most popular addition to any backyard, and now is a good time to have fun by the pool and barbecue area. Modern homeowners and architects introduce the pools in an enclosed space, where you could enjoy by satisfaction throughout the year! But nothing can be compared with the timeless charm and incredible tranquility that bring natural pools surrounded by nature.

Natural pools bring with them a multitude of benefits and transform your landscape in the yard in a dreamy and panoramic sights, that is always available. Some people are blessed with a large courtyard, which is perfect for a swimming pool with breathtaking landscapes, and other people with a smaller modern homes can opt for compact and improvised versions of the pool.

The natural pool is much more than just aesthetics. Surrounded by a few layers of plants, rely on the countryside and nature. To create a beautiful and functional natural swimming pool, landscape needs to be created so, as to facilitate the circulation of water and purification by the help of regeneration zone. Zone regeneration of natural pools is determined in relation to the size of the pool and the amount of water to be filtered on a daily basis. The entire water treatment is done through biological filters and plants, rooted in the part of the natural pool, which is called the zone of regeneration. These pools do not require any chemicals for cleaning, because they are mini ecosystems that clean themselves.

Even a small yard can be equipped with natural pools that are smaller in size, adding water, which is proportional to the size of the yard. Floating and rooted plants within the basin, will help to improve the water quality and maintain the oxygen content, while the other plants on the periphery affect its aesthetics. Natural pools consist of work that is intended for swimming where there is water, and that part that is isolated with membranes. In this part, which is used for swimming and bathing, are not used chemicals and apparatus for disinfecting water. See our proposals and you will find many fascinating examples of beautiful natural swimming pools that will delight you!












Image via Anthony Chung




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Author: Ana Duovska


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