17 Divine Interiors With Abstract Art That Will Amaze You

Small things make the life, and when it comes to the interior, certainly the small details make the whole interior wonderful. Paintings, photographs, interesting graphics, are details that give beauty to any interior, enrich it and make it special. Choose a corner in your home that is sufficiently conceivable and at eye level. Make sure the surface of the wall where you want to place the painting is large enough to have more freedom in designing the galleries. Rooms where you can set painting usually are: the living room, the hallway, stairs, or dining room. You should not set wall paintings on every wall. Leave one or two free, because of the visual balance and overall harmony.

The next step is perhaps the most interesting part of creating your photo gallery- choosing the right frame that will best accentuate your picture. Do not worry, because the choice is huge. But pay attention to the color of the frame, as well as the size, the thickness of the same, because all of that often affects the “weight” of the pictures. The image is a visual ”heavy”. if the dark tones are prevailing, and bright tones, again, give an airy impression.

For more dramatic and fascinating atmosphere, you can set abstract wall painting. The choice of abstract wall art is huge. You just need to find that one which will be complement to your home decor. Now see some inspirational proposals, they might help you to choose the best abstract painting for your interior design!


Image via Michael Partenio


Image via Werner Straube


Image via Matt Craig


Image via Allen Cooley


Image via Bethany Nauert


Image via Works Photography Inc.


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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