17 Divine Combinations Of Red & Grey In The Bedroom

For one bedroom, the most important thing is to find good bed, with comfortable mattress, that will provide good rest and quality sleep. Other thing that you need to take care of, is the lighting. The bedroom should have natural light, and if you want to achieve that, you need to set big windows. Beside that, it must have artificial light also. It plays big role in equipping the bedroom.

The colors in the bedroom are other important thing, that should not be neglected. The mix of the colors, should make comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. You should not mix two strong colors, because you will get the opposite effect. If you want to enter passion and lively atmosphere, you can mix red with gray. Red is dramatic and bold color, so you should use it properly, in small details, to get the desirable look. Grey is soothing color, which mixed with red will give pleasant atmosphere and elegant look. Below you can see 17 inspirational examples, see them, and be inspired!


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