17 Divine Attic Bathrooms With Exposed Beams

Apartments that are located in the attic are considered to be demanding for designing and editing because of the various roof heights. Therefore, when decorating, the space should be designed so that it should be wise used every inch. When it comes to arranging bathroom in the attic, one of the main secret lies in a setting proper bathtubs, showers and lockers for storage of bathroom things in the lower part of the room. All other elements of the bathroom that you need can be in the rest parts of the room. Of course, it should be practical and beautiful.

The bathroom on the top floor has one big advantage, you can set up large skylights and enjoy in daylight, but still will remain hidden from views, which is on the ground floor and other floors nearly impossible. If you have any doubt whether to put a bathroom in the attic, we found a couple of pictures that will surely help you to decide in a positive way. Here you will see some gorgeous attic bathrooms with exposed beams. Whether your space is limited or not, the bathroom in the attic may seem divinely!




Image via Fraser Marr Photography



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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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