17 Creative Examples How To Design Your Wooden Staircase

Perhaps one of the most seemingly unimportant design elements are the stairs. If the designer fails to find creative ways to use them in the space, they without cause will occupy huge space, that will neither look interesting. Traditionally, the stairs are simple things intended for one purpose: to use them to climb up on the higher floor. We present you one interesting collection of 17 stiar desighns, that will convince you that something that you thought was usually on a daily basis, can be absolutely beautiful.

In addition to the design of the stairs, pay attention to some examples where the designers in a very creative way, take advantage of plenty of space under the stairs. Options for the performance of attractive internal stairs are endless. The selection depends on the size of the space in which are placed, the taste of the individuals and material that is prevalent in the area. In our following post you can see some inspirational proposals how to design your wooden stairs to beautify your home. See them and you will remain inspired!


Image via Siobhan Doran


Image via Sam Gray


Image via Corey Gaffer Photography


Image via Gary Quigg Photography


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