17 Clever Ideas How To Properly Enter Colors In Your Kitchen

Colors should make the kitchen a warm, comfortable place where food is prepared and gather all members of the household. Proper selection of shades can produce a cohesive effect that will even creative mess look like part of the interior and, in turn, will make the kitchen looks cleaner. Designers agree that the color of earth and neutral tones are the best choice for the kitchen. They can make the kitchen more modern and completely change its appearance. On the other hand, blue, green and purple colors are considered not suitable for the kitchen. They slow down the metabolism, and in some cases reduce he appetite.

Stove may not be the only thing in the kitchen emits heat. Warm tones also produce a pleasant ambience and will make the kitchen a central room in the house. All shades of red, yellow and peach stimulate the appetite. Paired with different tones, these colors will revive the space and in the simplest way reflect the style of your lifestyle.Β In specialized stores you can find new shades of dispersion paints. Mythical yellow, the color of melon, lime, pistachio or chocolate are now available in many shops. They will inspire you when cooking, but will wake up the appetite, in the same time. If none of these colors do not match your sensibility, and you want an effective kitchen, use unusual combinations. For example, you can incorporate pink tiles and wall paint in silver color. Try something new, and transform your kitchen into luxury oasis for the whole family!


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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