17 Classy Mediterranean Kitchen Design Ideas

Part of the modern trends in interior design, is Mediterranean style that is relaxing, pleasant and also visually stunning. This timeless style of decorating the home can create carefree atmosphere and lifestyle without stress. Trends in Mediterranean design are combination between natural materials and the colors in the room. For creating a very pleasant interior that emits tranquility, specialists recommend to use colors and shades, close to those of heaven and earth.

Suitable for this style are combinations of white with orange, lavender, yellow, green, blue, beige, or put in other words, all the tones that reflect the beauty and grace of the Mediterranean climate. In the modern interior and furniture in Mediterranean style can be used green, blue and sandy shades that reflect beautiful marine landscapes. Another main focus is the mosaic tiles that are widely used as decoration in the kitchen. Below, you can see some beautiful Mediterranean kitchen design that will catch your eye. See them and enjoy!


Image via Bruce Glass Photography


Image via Anne Soule


Image via Anne Soule


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